Portrait of John Deutzman, The Man Who Saved The Summer Of ‘06 (2007, oil & enamel on wood panel; 18”x24”)

The Man Who Fell To Earth: Redesign #1 (Digital print, 28”x40”)

MAP OF AFRICA 2012 - (Digital print; 28”x40”)

POP Collision #3

POP Collision #4

POP Collision #1

Front/back cover (Deconstruction)

Spread 2 (Deconstruction)

7” record label, Side B (Deconstruction)

iDol #3 (Digital print on found paper, 7” by 7”)

iDol #5 (Digital print on found paper, 7” by 7”)

iDol #9 (Digital print on found paper; 7” x 7”)

Front/back cover (Changes - German Version)

This is a project I did for a 7inch record booklet. Keep in mind, these are all spreads (except the record label).

Spread 2 (Changes - English Version)

Spread 3 (Changes - Dutch Version) [Translation: Do you know how much it costs to build a fleet of boats? Where will all the money for this come from? From the taxpayer, of course! And who will want to live by the river when the taxes are so high? You talk about saving economies, Empedocles, but you don’t know the first thing about economics. We do. We shall stick with the toll-bridge and preserve the status quo. Who would believe that the river would rise above the bridge in any case?]